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La Ermita Hotel
La Ermita Hotel
Viñales, Pinar del Rio
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The beautiful flora of Las Terrazas is mainly characterized by its dense and beautiful forests, also called "evergreens".

The evergreen forests are easily identifiable and as its name indicates trees are loaded with green foliage - they are carobs, almacigos, yagrumas, pomarrosas, pines and trees as high as 40 metres. To complete the list of plants, numerous fruit trees such as the mango, the guayaba and the white anona ; and wild flowers such as orchids (over 100 documented species), the mariposa (National flower of Cuba) and the flower of mullein.

The area has a total of 889 studied vegetal organisms, including 28 species of inferior plants (mushrooms, mugo pine tree, etc.). The endemism level of the region is of 11%, reaching 34% in higher regions like Las Peladas.


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